Shakeout to Takeout

Shakeout makes guilt-free takeout possible. Our philosophy is that eating good goes hand in hand with doing good. Working with our restaurant partners, our circular system brings you the same delicious meals you deserve — this time packaged in reusable containers.

For customers

1. Choose your takeout meal either delivered or for pick-up
2. Get your meals freshly made and ready to eat in reusable containers
3. Keep the containers until you are ready to return

Our restaurants and food partners

Shakeout partners with the best restaurants in the city to bring you delicious meals. All of them are committed to bringing you the best flavours and reducing waste.

Visit our blog to find out more about reusing as a lifestyle for conscious customers.

Launching in Paris, Marseille and other cities near you soon

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Made in Paris, Marseille, linking all over France

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